Panoramic Views: The property will offer tenants a rooftop terrace overlooking The Texas State Capitol, Downtown, The University of Texas and the The Hill Country.

Building Amenities

Westview offers multiple amenities designed to encourage a healthy balance between work and life.

• Fitness Center
• Showers
• Transportation
• Rooftop Terrace
• Conference Room
• Proximity to Capitol
• Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea onsite
• Bike Lockers
• Courtyard
• Private Outdoor Space


Human sustainability is a key factor in the Westview redesign. With individual wellness and productivity in mind, the building’s relationship to natural light and clean air offers a healthy and comfortable work environment. Natural light filters into workspaces, providing an uplifting and positive experience. Ample outdoor space, from the courtyard entrance to public roof access, offer open-air offices that proactively cultivate an environment of well-being. Westview uses an intelligent redesign to create a natural and comfortable setting that allows work-life integration and enhanced employee satisfaction.